Nichelle Nichols, Lt. Uhura on ‘Star Trek,’ dies at 89

Actress and singer Nichelle Nichols, better known as Star Trek’s communications officer Lieutenant Uhura, died Saturday night in Silver City, New Mexico. She was 89 years old.


His son, Kyle Johnson, wrote on the website, “I regret to inform you that a great light in the sky no longer shines for us as it has for so many years.” “Their light, however, like the ancient galaxies being observed for the first time, will remain for us and future generations to enjoy, learn from, and inspire.”(william shatner)

Nichelle Nichols was one of the first black women to appear in a major television series, and her role as Lieutenant Nyota Uhura in the original TV series was phenomenal: an African American woman whose name came from Uhuru, the Swahili word for “freedom”. Is.(Star Trek)

“Here I was posing in the 23rd century, which should have been simple enough,” Nichelle Nichols told NPR in 2011. “We’re on a starship. I was the chief communications officer. Fourth on a starship. They didn’t see that. Being, oh, it wouldn’t have happened until the 23rd century. Young people and adults see it as it is now.”(Nichelle Nichols cause of death)

In 1968,Nichelle Nichols made headlines when Uhura shared an intimate kiss with Captain James T. Kirk (played by William Shatner) in an episode entitled “Plato’s Stepchildren”. Their interracial kiss on the lips was revolutionary, one of the first such moments on TV.(George Takei)

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Nichelle Nichols was born in the Chicago suburb of Grace Dale Nichols where her father was the mayor. She grew up singing and dancing and aspired to act in musical theatre. He got his first break in the 1961 musical Kicks & Company, a small screen run for Playboy magazine. She was the star of the Chicago Stock Company production of Carmen Jones and performed at Porgy and Bess in New York.(Uhura)

“For me, the highlight and symbol of my life as a singer and actor and a dancer/choreographer was acting on Broadway,” she told NPR in 2011, adding that as her popularity on Star Trek grew She went to meet him. Offers Other. “I decided I was going to leave, move to New York and make my way to the Broadway stage.”

Nichelle Nichols said she went to Star Trek producer Gene Roddenberry and announced she was leaving. “He was very upset about it. And he said, take the weekend and think about what I’m trying to achieve here on this show. You’re an integral part and so important to it.”

So that weekend, she went to an NAACP fundraiser in Beverly Hills and was asked to meet a man who said he was her number one fan: Martin Luther King, Jr.

“He praised me for the way I had created the character. I thanked him, and I think I said something like, ‘Dr. King, I wish I could march there with you.’ They said, ‘No, no, no. No, you don’t understand. We don’t need you… to march. You are marching. You are reflecting what we are fighting for.’ So, I told him, ‘Thank you very much. And I’m going to miss my co-stars.'”

“His face got very, very serious,” she recalled. “And he said, ‘What are you talking about?’ And I said, ‘Well, I just told Jean yesterday that I’m going to leave the show after the first year because I’ve been proposed… and she stopped me and said: ‘You can’t do that.’ I was stunned. He said, ‘Don’t you understand what this man has achieved? For the first time, we are being seen around the world as we should. He says, do you understand this The only show is me and my wife Coretta will let our little kids wake up and watch. I was speechless.”

Nichelle Nichols returned to the series, which lasted until 1969. He also reprized his famous role in six subsequent feature films, including Star Trek II: The Wrath of Khan, where Uhura was promoted to commander.

For years, Nichelle Nichols helped diversify the real-life space program, recruiting astronauts Sally Ride, Judith Resnick, Gion Bluford, and others. And she had her science foundation, Women in Motion.

Linda Carter, the actress who played Wonder Woman on TV in the 1970s, tweeted, “Many actors become stars, but few stars can move a nation forward.” “Nickel Nichols showed us the extraordinary power of black women and paved the way for a better future for all women in media. Thank you, Nickel. We will miss you.”

George Takei, who served as helmsman Hikaru Sulu on Star Trek, tweeted: “I must say more about the trailblazing, incomparable Nickel Nichols, who shared the bridge with us as Lieutenant Uhura of the USS Enterprise,” She wrote. “For today, my heart is heavy, my eyes are shining like the stars in the midst of which you are now resting, my dear friend.”

He also posted a photo of his longtime friend, in which they were both Vulcan greetings, and these words: “May we live long and prosper together.”

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