These Horror Movies on Amazon Prime Must Watch

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Horror Movies List On Amazon Prime

The only thing scarier than not having access to a Netflix or Hulu account to stream horror movies is already having seen everything the services have to offer. What do you turn to? Physical copies of DVDs that you have to hunt down, dust off, and put into your DVD player? (Do you even have a DVD player?!) Leave your house and go to a movie theater? Yikes.

Well, if you have Amazon Prime, do not (I repeat, do not) leave the comfort of your bed. Prime is worth it for the two-day shipping alone, but don’t forget about all the movies and shows you can stream for free. Watch any of these scary movies for literally no extra cash.

Rosemary’s Baby

This classic film stars Mia Farrow and John Cassavetes and is about religion, women’s liberation, and paranoia, wrapped in the trappings of horror. It follows a young pregnant woman in New York City who suspects her neighbors are grooming her to claim her baby for a ritualistic cult sacrifice.| Horror Movies List

Also Check:

Eat Locals

Okay, so maybe you’re not always in the mood to scream your pants off at a horror movie. Maybe you want a little comic relief. Eat Locals is a horror comedy about British vampires. It’s the perfect mix of spooky and funny.| Horror Movies List

Jennifer’s Body

We present Miss Megan Fox’s best work. Jennifer’s Body follows a possessed high school girl who kills her male classmates. At the time, the film wasn’t so well loved, but in the years that have passed, a major cult following has grown around the movie. Today, Jennifer’s Body is considered a feminist horror film and has been compared to recent works like Promising Young Woman. (Horror Movies List)

The Neon Demon

This 2016 psychological horror stars Elle Fanning as an aspiring model in L.A. whose youth and beauty becomes a thing to kill for–literally.


If you’re looking for a star studded horror that left the film community split, we present Darren Aronofsky’s Mother! The film stars Jennifer Lawrence and Javier Bardem and is one big fat biblical allegory.(Horror Movies List)

Children of the Corn

Add this one to your Stephen King movie marathon. The 1984 film Children of the Corn follows a small town community in Nebraska, haunted by an evil force who possesses the town’s children to murder the adults. Like Rugrats but chaotic evil.(Horror Movies List)

Saint Maud

Live from the A24 horror vault, Saint Maud follows a recently converted Catholic hospice nurse who becomes obsessed with saving the soul of one of her patients.(Horror Movies List)


Hellraiser is a horror classic from 1987 which was followed by nine sequels. The story revolves around a puzzle box that summons evil sadomasochists called Cenobites.(Horror Movies List)

Last House on the Left

Wes Craven’s directorial debut, The Last House on the Left (1972) follows a teenager who on her birthday is abducted, raped, and tortured by a family who seeks refuge in their house (the last one on the left, in case you missed that detail).

The Lazarus Effect

This 2015 horror film stars Mark Duplass, Olivia Wilde, Donald Glover, and Evan Peters and takes place at a university’s medical research centers. It follows the development and experimentation of a new serum that can bring the dead back to life.(Horror Movies List)

Shaun of the Dead

Throw a comedy horror in the mix! Shaun of the Dead is a zombie comedy film from Edgar Wright and Simon Pegg, which was later followed by the films Hot Fuzz and The World’s End.(Horror Movies List)

Child’s Play

The 1988 film Child’s Play is the first to ever feature the ever famous horror figure, Chucky. The story follows a widowed mother who gives her son a possessed doll. (Horror Movies List)

The Collector

This horror film was originally pitched as a prequel to the Saw franchise, so if you’re looking for Jigsaw vibes, start here.(Horror Movies list)

When a Stranger Calls

Ah, the movie that traumatized an entire generation of babysitters. We meet again. The original When a Stranger Calls from 1979 follows a babysitter who starts receiving terrifying phone calls while on the job.


This 2013 remake of the classic Carrie stars Chloë Grace Moretz and Julianne Moore and is the fourth film in the Carrie cinematic universe.


Released in 1999, Stigmata is a supernatural horror film that follows an atheist hairdresser who gets her hands on an old, haunted rosary, and you can guess what happens from there.

Night of the Living Dead

This 1968 classic follows seven people fighting off “flesh-eating ghouls” from inside a farmhouse. We love to see it.


Some classic zombie horror, Hostile is a French film that follows the lone survivor of an apocalypse.

The Voyeurs

This erotic thriller stars two HBO darlings, Sydney Sweeney and Justice Smith, as a young couple who begin spying on, and obsessing over, their neighbors.

We Need to Talk About Kevin

Starring Tilda Swinton and Ezra Miller, We Need to Talk About Kevin follows a mother struggling in the aftermath of her psychotic son’s violent actions.


Nocturne is a 2020 psychological horror starring Sydney Sweeney as a pianist living in the shadow of her twin sister.


Remember those chain emails you were forwarded back in the day that made you fear Bloody Mary was going to come after you if you didn’t force the email upon 10 of your closest friends? Rings is kind of like that but with a video that goes viral and kills everyone seven days after they watch it. They don’t even have the option to save themselves from it.

The Woman in Black

Harry Potter A widowed lawyer gets caught up in the haunts of a woman seeking vengeance. It’s a classic horror tale that will still send shivers down your spine.(Horror Movies List On Amazone)

Don’t Look

A friendly reminder that inviting a strange local couple from a rural area to your holiday dinner party is never the move! In Don’t Look, five NYC friends apparently forget their street smarts as they vacay on a farm and fall victim to a murderous couple.

A Quiet Place

The rules of A Quiet Place are simple. Don’t make an effing peep or you get killed. LOL, imagine trying to survive in that. One “Wait, one quick thing!” and you’re a goner!


In terms of reviews, Hereditary is one of the most polarizing movies on Amazon Prime. People either reaaally love it or really hate it. Either way, this film about a family discovering wild stuff about their ancestry will freak you out to no end.

The Haunting of Sharon Tate

Uh…2019 is strange. It really is the year that Lizzie McGuire and Aaron Samuels ended up in a movie about the weeks leading up to Sharon Tate’s murder.(Horror Movies On Amazone Prime )


Welp…file “neuroscientist creating a serum that expands the human mind to experience the afterlife and accidentally creates a flesh-eating monster” under fears I never expected to be deathly afraid of.


Do you ever watch Stranger Things and think the little flecks of goo in the Upside Down could be kind of pretty if someone gave them a makeover? You should watch Annihilation. There’s a super-beautiful, super-mutated quarantine zone that’s killing people. It’s a million different kinds of messed up.

Shutter Island

Two words: Leonardo DiCaprio. This psychological thriller will mess you up, but…at least you have Leo’s perfect face to comfort you through the brutal 2 hours and 18 minutes?

Case 39

Supernatural flicks with children in them are some of the worst kinds of horror movies out there. There is pretty much nothing scarier than a creepy small human being.

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